The Pocket Pal   Portable Pulse Charger

The Pocket Pal has proven itself to be great for almost any occasion.  Whether you work in the office, or at a busy construction site, The Pocket Pal will find its place in your life. Our feedback has been incredible with this device. 


Pulse Charge Technology allows The Pocket Pal to charge at a steady rate, without overheating your devices.


The Pocket Pal is the fastest portable charger on the market. Packing over 20,000mAh of power. Try our Pulse Charging technology. Witness the speed for yourself!


Includes 12 Month of Icon Insurance

The Pocket Pal Portable Pulse Charger

    • Solid, sturdy design
    • Long battery life
    • Pulse Charging port
    • Fast Charging port
    • 3 options to recharge The Pocket Pal
    • Designed specifically for Apple products
    • Compatible with all brands
    • Bright LED Flashlight